08 Jun 2013

Rhine open to shipping again, Main is open up to Gustavsburg

The Rhine is now open to shipping along all its length, although some minor restrictions are still in place until water levels go below High Water Mark 1.

The Kostheim lock on the Main is still closed, so Frankfurt is not yet accessible by barge. We are expecting the Main to be opened to shipping again some time tomorrow (Sunday).

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06 Jun 2013

High Water on Rhine and Main - End of the Shipping Ban in Sight

Water levels on the Rhine are going down. However the water level at Kaub, which is important for navigation on the Middle Rhine, is falling quite slowly. We are expecting all shipping bans to be lifted along the Rhine on Saturday. When water levels fall below the High Water Mark 2, there is initially a partial shipping ban which applies to...

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05 Jun 2013

transport logistic 2013: Contargo networks with the Port of Rotterdam

 Munich Contargo is participating with twelve terminals in InlandLinks, an Online Platform which is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam. On 5 June Heinrich Kerstgens and Thomas Löffler, both Managing Directors of Contargo, and Hans Smits, CEO Port of Rotterdam, signed the declaration of participation at the transport logistic 2013...

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08 Jul 2020

Kaub 197 -12
Ruhrort 350 -4
Emmerich 192 +5

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