11 May 2023

Our new offering: econtargo, the CO2-reduced transport chain

As of now, we offer our customers a CO2-reduced transport chain. By booking “econtargo”, customers will not purchase mere compensation. They will be buying a combination of last mile
by e-truck and main run by rail, using trains powered by green electricity. This will also give our customers an opportunity to reduce their own CO2e footprint.

We are expanding our e-truck fleet from the present seven to 32 trucks. In June 2022, together with Rhenus Trucking, we received notification of funding under the KsNI support programme for 27 battery-driven 44-tonners and the corresponding charging infrastructure. Many of the trucks have been delivered already. Parallel to this, a total of 33 charging points, each with an output of 250 kW, are being installed at 14 of Contargo’s locations in Germany.

The high-performance charging systems can fully charge the e-trucks within two hours if required. Short intermediate charging gives them an even bigger range. This charging infrastructure means we can use the e-trucks as flexibly as diesels, and even enables 24-hour operation.

Our plan: the e-trucks will drive 1.5 million kilometres a year, thus saving almost 1,500 tonnes of CO2e. To meet increasing demand for this low-emission service we have also taken part, together with Rhenus Trucking, in a second call for funding, applying this time for 50 additional e-trucks plus the relevant infrastructure.

“We are delighted that it is finally starting, and we are launching a truly green product on the market with econtargo," says Frank Hommel, Director Sales and Marketing at Contargo.

Visitors to the transport logistic in Munich will have an exclusive chance to see the first e-truck in the new product design, at Stand 703A/2 in the outdoor exhibition area.

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24 Sep 2023

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Ruhrort 285 +2 LWS
Emmerich 124 +2

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