22 Aug 2022

UPDATE: Emergency Surcharge

The situation in seaport hinterland transport continues to grow more acute. Since we want to continue to offer our customers the best possible, economically solid services, we have to adapt our prices.

As well as the massive problems in the seaports (late arrivals of vessels, restrictions in acceptance of containers, etc.) substantial bottlenecks continue to affect our services in the rail network and inland navigation.

In rail transport, construction sites and closures are still causing train cancellations and overbooking, which we are trying to compensate by creating additional capacities. Barge transport is still suffering from a shortage of cargo space. Container barge transport is having to compete with coal and grain transport for the short capacities. The continuing very low water levels on the Rhine and its tributaries are increasing the demand for additional tonnage and driving prices up to critical levels.

For these reasons, from 1 September 2022 the following changes will apply:

As from 01.09.2022, the Emergency Surcharge that has been levied since 21 March 2022 will be increased from its present level of 10.- € to 25.- € per transported full and empty container, and will continue to apply for all combinations of the transport modes barge, rail and truck, as well as for truck deliveries without a Contargo main run.

The special surcharge of 3.00 Euro for the handling (from free arrival truck to free on barge, rail, truck, and vice versa) of all containers that are handled at our terminals without a transport (Barge, Rail or Truck) being carried out by Contargo, continues to apply.

We hope for your understanding.

If you have any questions and/or require further information, our personnel will be glad to help you.

Water levels

02 Feb 2023

Kaub 148 -1 LWS
Köln 259 -2
Ruhrort 366 +0
Emmerich 212 -4

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