24 Nov 2021

Low Water on the Rhine

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Water levels at the gauges on the Rhine are continuing to go down. In the next few days a level below 80 cm is forecast for the Kaub gauge. From this gauge level downwards, our barges – depending on the type of vessel – can only transport around 27 percent of their capacity load. Our costs increase as a result.

For this reason, in the event that the gauge level does fall below the 0.81 metre mark we shall have to make the following additions to the LWS (Low Water Surcharge):

Gauge level Kaub

20’ Container

40’ Container

80 cm – 71 cm

€ 175.00 per cont.

€ 225.00 per cont.


These surcharges will apply for full containers transported by barge between the ports of Rotterdam/Antwerp and stations on the Rhine/Main above Koblenz.

In this connection we also wish to point out that when the Kaub gauge falls to 0.80 m or lower, we no longer have an obligation to transport. Regardless of this, we will undertake everything possible to continue to transport booked containers. We ask your understanding for the fact that we shall no longer be able to meet deadlines with certainty. This is also clearly stated in our General Terms and Conditions.

As an alternative loading option, there are rail connections at the Contargo locations to/from the seaports. Here, too, we are trying to increase capacities by the addition of special trains.

Please inform your booking departments accordingly. As soon as water levels improve, we shall be in touch with you straight away.

We hope for your understanding and ask you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company. If you have any questions and/ or require more information, our personnel will be glad to help you.

Water levels

26 Jun 2022

Kaub 166 +24
Ruhrort 266 -3 LWS
Emmerich 106 +3

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