13 Sep 2021

Delayed construction work hinders local rail traffic to and from Rotterdam – negative effects expected for the whole production week

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Rail traffic between our hinterland terminals and the seaport of Rotterdam have been badly affected by delayed construction work on the Kaldenkirchen-Venlo line. In the current production week, massive delays and even train cancellations have to be expected.

Due to construction work, the border crossing at Emmerich is repeatedly being closed to rail traffic – mostly at weekends. During this time almost all cross-border traffic is sent via Venlo. However, last weekend construction work on this line – which was already supposed to have been completed – was still going on. As a result, both border crossing-points (Emmerich and Venlo) were completely closed until Saturday 19:00. Consequently, trains were stranded on both sides of the border, and a long tailback built up which is now only slowly dispersing.

This also affects all our trains that started out on Friday in Wörth/Mannheim, Frankfurt and were supposed to start in Neuss. Especially the search for replacement staff (train drivers) was a great challenge for all those concerned.

However, even trains for which personnel could be found were not in the clear, because in Rotterdam itself construction work was being carried out at the weekend, meaning that until 7 o’clock on Monday,13.9.21, no trains could run between Waalhaven and Maasvlakte. Thus trains from Germany could only reach terminals RCS and CTT, and were then stranded im Waalhaven regarding the seaport terminals (ECT / EMX / RWG / APM2) until the closure was lifted.

We ask your understanding for any delays, and will keep you informed.


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