14 Jul 2021

Temporary high water levels on the Rhine

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For some time now, the water levels measured along the rivers have sometimes been relatively high. The reason for this is the regular rainfall we have been experiencing this summer in the catchment areas of various rivers. This has meant that in some places navigation has only been possible with limitations.

Due to the clearance under bridges, container barges have often only been able to navigate with three tiers at many points along the Rhine. Following the heavy rainfall in the past few days, the rivers in many regions are now carrying greater volumes of water. As a result, at present the Rhine has had to be closed to shipping at the Maxau gauge (Karlsruhe) due to high water. Unfortunately, we are expecting this situation to continue for several days.

In addition, forecasts indicate that the Rhine will have to be closed to shipping at Koblenz due to high water some time during the coming weekend.

However, according to present weather forecasts the weather situation is likely to improve from the end of this week. Thus we are confident that the present closure due to high water at Maxau, as well as the possible closure at Koblenz, will be able to be lifted again within a short time.

It is unfortunately inevitable that some of the vessels in our fleet will be affected by the closure, and will arrive at their destination with some delay.

If you have any questions or require further information, our employees will be glad to help you.

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