15 Jul 2020

Emission-free Trucking

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Today marks the beginning of the work of the European Clean Trucking Alliance, ECTA for short. Contargo is one of the eighteen European enterprises and organisations that want to actively shape the future of truck transportation in this coalition. Their common aim is no less than the decarbonisation of goods transportation by road. For this purpose, they call upon the EU to promote and accelerate the transition to emission-free trucks. Only in this way will it be possible to reach the emission goals set by the EU Climate Law for 2030.

Heinrich Kerstgens, Co-Managing Director of Contargo, says: “We want to make our own contribution to achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Combined transport is an important instrument in this. However, as well as the decarbonisation of barge and rail transport and emission-free handling activities at the terminals, it is also essential to have a CO2-reduced last mile by truck. For this we require from industry that make economic sense.”

You can find more information on ECTA and its aims here: www.clean-trucking.eu


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