29 Mar 2018

Contargo invites visitors on Logistics Day

On Logistics Day, 19 April 2018 Contargo is opening its terminals in Duisburg, Koblenz, Mannheim,  Wörth and Neuss to members of the public for guided tours. There visitors – who should register in advance – will get first-hand impressions and background information on container logistics.

Many companies and education institutions are again taking part in the 11th “Tag der Logistik”, initiated by the German Logistics Association (BVL) to give a view of what logistics looks like just now in enterprises and research.

In numerous events that include workshops, company tours, insights into research and development and career information, logistics will be presented from its most interesting side as a future-oriented, exciting sector of industry that plays an essential part in “getting things moving” around the world.

Interested visitors can register online directly here.

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19 Oct 2018

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