14 Jul 2022

Adjustment of the Low Water Surcharge

For the coming weekend a water level below 80 cm is forecast for the Kaub Gauge. Due to the reduced loads barges can carry, additional tonnage has to be chartered on the market. We have had to adjust the Low Water Surcharge (LWS) because of the massive present increases in charter costs.

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14 Jul 2022

Warning strikes in Hamburg and Bremerhaven


More warning strikes in the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven have been announced, starting with the early shift on Thursday 14 July 2022 and ending on Saturday morning. Massive handling problems are expected at the container terminals, and the terminal operators have also indicated that no trucks will be handled during the strike action.

As well as the already-existing handling delays of several hours, these additional tailbacks will continue to have an impact in the following days.    

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Water levels

08 Aug 2022

Kaub 51 +1 LWS
Ruhrort 178 -2 LWS
Emmerich 23 -2 LWS

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