02 Feb 2021

Contargo brings the New Silk Road to Valenciennes

Today for the first time, Contargo unloaded containers at the terminal in Valenciennes that had arrived in Duisburg two days previously by rail from China. The containers were then transported to France on a barge operated by Contargo. The whole journey of the approximately forty 40-foot containers via this route from China to France took less than 20 days.

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01 Feb 2021

Water levels rise on the Rhine

Photo: SSKH-Pictures / Shutterstock.com

Unfortunately, we have to confirm that the gauges at Maxau and Koblenz have risen above the Mark II level. Above this level navigation has had to be stopped, meaning that the transport of containers from all regions south of Bonn/Koblenz is affected.

If you have questions or require further information our personnel will be glad to help you.

29 Jan 2021

Rising water levels on the Rhine

Photo: Bild von Peter H./Pixabay

The water levels at various points along the Rhine are rising fast at present. In the course of the coming weekend it is expected, among other things, that the gauges at Maxau and Koblenz will rise above High Water Mark II. This will mean that navigation will have to be stopped at the relevant points.

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Water levels

26 Feb 2021

Kaub 236 -5
Ruhrort 456 -12
Emmerich 300 -18

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