06 Feb 2012

Third Interruption of Work at APM Terminal in Rotterdam

This afternoon from 13:25 pm onwards, Employees of the APM Rotterdam container terminal have stopped work for the third time. The early shift and the afternoon shift will both take part in the stoppage, which will go on till 17:25 pm.

So far, no agreement has been reached between the trade union and the management of the APM Terminal: the points...

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01 Feb 2012

Interruption of Work at APM Terminal in Rotterdam

In the negotiations between employees and employers about new work regulations at the APM Terminal in Rotterdam, no agreement has yet been reached.

For this reason, work has been interrupted for the time being at the APM Terminal.

As a result there are delays in the seaport and these are causing late departures of the inland barges which are...

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26 Jan 2012

Strike in the Port of Antwerp

On Monday, 30.01.2012 from 06:00 am the whole workforce of the port of Antwerp will stop work completely until Tuesday, 31.01.20 12, 06:00 am. The strike is a protest against tax changes which the Belgian government plans to introduce.

Thus vessels arriving at the port on Monday will neither be loaded nor unloaded.

For this reason, barges...

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